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Summer 2021


These are things that brighten, cheer, award, and celebrate

VASE, vah-ze, jar, jug, urn, cup... These are things that brighten, cheer, award, and celebrate. These are things that mark excellence. These forms are studied by artists. They are crafted and re-recorded in practices that are generations old. They are made to be used and to be displayed. They live on mantles, tables, counters and toilets. They reside in cabinets, attics, closets and pedestals. VASES have many ways of interacting. Explore how more than 22 artists have connected with the VASE.

Pierre Bowring, East Clay Ceramics, Gayle Forman, Beryl Foster-Andres, Jason Hackett, Mattie Hinkley, Sarah Ingraham, Mike Jabbur, Wade Macdonald, Gabo Martinez, Sara Morales-Morgan, Kathleen O'Connor, Dylan Palmer, Amanda Patenaude, Kiara Pelissier, Corey Pemberton, Eliana Rodriguez, Angelique Scott, Pallavi Sen, Nanda Soderberg, Emily Wicks, Anna Valenti

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